Paleontology for Life-Long Learners


Image by J. Schein

Paleontology doesn't just fuel the imaginations of kids.  For many adults (especially people like us), dinosaurs and paleontology are gateways to other interests, hobbies, and even careers.

The Bighorn Basin Paleontological Institute is dedicated to creating exciting and captivating programming for people of all ages.  Whether we're delivering talks to organizations, contributing to science festivals, or teaching the public how to excavate giant dinosaurs in the field, our programs are designed to appeal to and inspire lifelong learners everywhere.  

field expeditions

Image by B. Malinowski

Adults of all ages - from recent college graduates to retirees - have joined our summer Field Expeditions to help us excavate and study ancient life in the Bighorn Basin of Montana and Wyoming.  Working alongside our professional and student paleontologists, Expedition Crew Members explore the beautiful badlands of the region, documenting and collecting the fossilized remains of plants and animals that are tens - sometimes hundreds - of millions of years old!  We'll collect fossil leaves, invertebrates, turtles, crocodiles, fish, and especially dinosaurs.  You'll learn how to properly collect and excavate these fossils during the day, and learn much more in our evening lectures, including informal discussions about paleoecology, geology, fossil preparation, paleo-illustration, and much more.  

Click here to learn more about our summer Field Expeditions and how you can join us on this amazing adventure!

GEo 380 - Field Paleontology

It's never too late to earn college credit for pursuing your passions.  The BBPI and Rocky Mountain College have created a 2-week, 3-credit course in Field Paleontology.  Learn field paleontology by doing it!  Click below to learn more.

Imabe by J. Schein

Imabe by J. Schein

Image Credit: DVPS

Science in the Public Eye

Our professional and student paleontologists are engaged in a wide variety of fascinating, cutting-edge research projects around the globe.  We love sharing our research with amateur groups’ monthly meetings, academic department lectures, science festivals and school groups.

Contact us today to schedule a casual talk or formal lecture with your group from one of our paleontologists.  

Recent Talks by BBPI STaff


  • New Advances and Adventures in Dinosaur Paleontology in the northern Bighorn Basin

    • New York Paleontological Society (New York City), January 2018; Jason P. Schein


  • Paleontological Treasures of the Bighorn Basin

    • Philadelphia Mineralogical Society, October 2017; Jason Schein

  • Dinosaur Hunting with the Bighorn Basin Paleontological Institute

    • Delaware Valley Earth Science Society (Philadelphia), March 2017; Jason P. Schein

  • New Developments In Paleontology In and Around the Bighorn Basin

    • Delaware Valley Paleontological Society, February 2017; Jason P. Schein