Collaboration - The Key To Success

Our Scientific Partners

We believe that science is the only true way to ask and answer questions about the natural world, and that collaborative, multi-disciplinary research is the most effective approach to reveal the universe's fundamental truths.

We're proud to partner with several organizations and individuals who share our commitment to collaborative, multidisciplinary approaches to research, and welcome innovative proposals from other researchers and groups.  

Become a BBPI Partner in Science

If you share our vision of collaborative, multi-disciplinary approaches to science, contact us today to discuss ways we can work together to advance our science.


We believe that scientists have no greater responsibility than to communicate their work, sharing their discoveries to inspire others in the pursuit of knowledge. We also believe that collaboration is just as important to the development of innovative and engaging educational programs as it is for effectively advancing science.

The BBPI is proud to have so many partners equally dedicated to creating innovative and engaging educational opportunities for lifelong learners, and we welcome proposals from other groups with similar vision.

Become a BBPI Partner in Education

If you share our vision of collaborative, innovative, field-based approaches to science, contact us today to discuss ways we can work together to reach and inspire people of all ages.


Very simply, many of our educational programs and outreach efforts would not be possible without generous financial support from numerous wonderful organisations who share our dedication to collaboration.  We thank each and every one of them, sincerely, for their help in educating people from around the country, and from all walks of life.  


The following organizations have demonstrated a sincere and strong commitment to the Bighorn Basin Paleontological Institute by becoming Corporate Members.


We are extremely extremely grateful to our first Corporate Member, Seidel & Associates, for their tremendous and ongoing support.  


We invite you to join our team today by becoming a Donor or Member.  In return, find out how we can help you or your organization with your tax-planing, advertising, or other needs.  From sponsorships to program underwriting, there are many opportunities to support our organization.  Please click one of the links below to find out more, or contact us to explore how we can work together and explore what options are best for you.