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We believe that scientists have no greater responsibility than to communicate their work, sharing their discoveries to inspire others in the pursuit of knowledge.


We don't seek the "limelight" . . . 

. . . but we understand that it is an opportunity to educate, inform, and inspire - all responsibilities at the heart of our mission.  

The BBPI's research and field work has garnered a great deal of attention recently, and there's certainly a lot more on the way.  Check this page often to see how and where we're making a splash!  

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May 2018

  • The BBPI was interviewed by Science & U about the science that went into creating Field Station: Dinosaurs at their Leonia, NJ location!





  • After working hard for months to provide educational and scientific content for the new Field Station: Dinosaurs location in Derby, Kansas, the BBPI was on hand to celebrate the grant opening! What a great weekend it was!

  • Science Carnival - The culminating event, the Science Carnival hosted 35,000 visitors to see science in action by dozens of organizations in the heart of the city's Ben Franklin Parkway! This is always an amazing day!



  • Science In The National Parks - The BBPI joined over 30 other science organizations to meet with over 5,000 kids and adults in Independence National Historic Park. In the footprint of the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, we spoke to the kids about Thomas Jefferson as a scientist and paleontologist, complete with a 3D-scanned and printed copy of Jefferson's famous Megalonyx claw!


  • For the Love of Science - BBPI Director Jason Schein spoke at Frankford Hall in Philly's Fishtown neighborhood about what drove him to become a scientist and what he loves about science.





  • Science After School - The BBPI visited the Bustleton Avenue branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia to talk to families about fossils, paleontology, and science.


August 2017

Expedition Leaders Jason Schein and Jason Poole were the featured guests of MusicRanchRadio's Independant Artist Spotlight!  We had an amazing time hanging out with Greg "the Rockstar" Creasy and Big Jim talking about fossils, dinosaurs, and paleontology in the Bighorn Basin!  

You can listen to the whole hour by clicking HERE.  

october 2016

The Fall 2006 issue of Academy Frontiers - a publication of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University - included several features about the 2016 Field Expedition and the team's excavation of the type specimen of Suuwassea emilieae, a rare sauropod from the Late Jurassic (145 mya) Morrison Formation of southern Montana.


September 2016

Discover Magazine's September 2016 issue included a short feature on the BBPI's Executive Director, Jason Schein, and the field team's re-discovery of the type specimen of Suuwassea emilieae, a rare sauropod from the Late Jurassic (145 mya) Morrison Formation of southern Montana.

July 2016

CNN's The Great Big Story joined us during the 2016 Field Expedition hoping to learn how paleontology and paleontological field work - typically done with shovels, pick axes, and good old fashioned brute force - are being transformed by technology.  


One of the most incredible stories in the history of paleontology: the discovery of two halves of the type specimen of Atlantochelys - a giant Cretaceous sea turtle - more than 160 years and several miles apart.  Truly astounding!