Funding Opportunities for Paleontology Research & Education

Funding opportunities for paleontology research and education are out there, but you have to know where to look. We've done our best to compile a comprehensive list, but if we've missed one please let us know about it.

As you can see, there aren't very many grants available to fund the many excellent students and research projects that rely on them. That's why your donations, memberships, and contributions are so important.  Please consider donating today to help us provide opportunities for students and to advance paleontology and earth science research and education.


Positive Payload Program

Are there any paleo field crews that DON’T rely on a truck? If so, they’re probably doing it wrong!

The Positive Payload Program is designed to benefit non-profit charitable organizations who use and rely on pickup trucks to better their community. Anyone who works with or volunteers for a charity that uses Ford F-150s, Chevrolet Silverados, GMC Sierras, or Dodge Rams is welcome to apply for a $2,000 donation to the charity they are involved with. The person who nominates the selected charity will be awarded $200 (via mailed check) and an AmericanTrucks t-shirt. 



Experiment is a crowdfunding site for science.  It is an excellent way to harness the public appeal of paleontology to fund and grow interest in your research projects.  

The BBPI has been involved in every aspect of creating paleontology-themed Experiment campaigns, from creating and running successful projects, to helping other researchers create their own successful campaigns.  Check out some of our past campaigns below:

We would love to provide additional funds and opportunities like this for student and professional paleontologists, and that's why your donations are so important.  Please consider donating today.


Delaware Valley Paleontological Society

The DVPS offers the Paul Bond Scholarship.  The $1,500 grant is available to any graduate student in the tri-State Philadelphia Region studying paleontology and may be used for any education or research-related expenses.  Applications are generally due around March 1st.  More details and application instructions can be found HERE.

The DVPS also provides grants on an occasional basis for paleontology-related projects of all stripes. The granted projects are not restricted to the Philadelphia region. Click HERE for more details.


The Jurassic Foundation

The Jurassic Foundation provides grants of up to $3,000 for research on any aspect of dinosaur paleontology.  Jurassic Foundation grants support students, postdoctoral researchers, and other scientists with limited funding opportunities.  Applications are due in February and September of each year.   

BBPI associates have been awarded prestigious Jurassic Foundation grants.

  • Assistant Crew Cheif Brittany Malinowski won in 2015 for her research: "Searching for Answers: Suuwassea emelieae from the Late Jurassic Formation of Carbon County, Montana."

  • Research Associate Dr. Jennifer Anné won in 2014 for her research: “Bone Healing and Remodeling in Extant and Extinct Archosaurs as Revealed by Elemental Mapping”


Paleontological Society

The Paleontological Society offers four different grants to its members:

  1. A limited number of $800 Student Research Grants.

  2. Arthur James Boucot Research Grant to early-career Ph.D. paleontologists for research in morphology, taxonomy, and biostratigraphy.

  3. Sepkoski Grants - Up to 20 $1,000 grants for international researchers.

  4. Outreach & Education Grant - A limited number of grants, up to $2,500 each.


Association of APPLIED paleontological Sciences

The Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences offers the A. Allen Graffham Research Grant. This is a $1,000 grant for research on specimens collected by or in collaboration with AAPS members.  


Evolving Earth Foundation

The Evolving Earth Foundation offers up to 10 grants each year, for up to $3,000 each, to support research in the earth sciences.  These grants are restricted to undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students and projects that relate to the mission and priorities of the foundation.


Dinosaur Research Institute

The Dinosaur Research Institute has several great grant opportunities, including:

  • the DRI Student Grants, which supports several graduate student projects each year for up to $3,000

  • field work in Alberta, Canada

  • the Rene Vandervelde Travel Grant to support attendance at the SVP Annual Meeting

  • Scholarship Supporting Neoceratopsian Research, which supports any aspect of neoceratopsian dinosaur research and/or publications and presentations.


CLEVELAND Museum of Natural History

The Department of Paleobotany & Paleoecology at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History is offering the John H. Hoskins Grant-In-Aid program.

  • The program awards four grants for up to $1,000 for research to be conducted on the paleobotany collection.

  • Grants are for visiting researchers who wish to visit the collections. Funds may be used for transportation and housing expenses.

  • Priority is given to graduate students or early career scientists (within 5 years of their Ph.D.) and international scholars without ready access to research funds.