Educating and Inspiring the Youngest Scientists

We believe that all children, fueled by endless imagination and insatiable curiosity, are inherently natural scientists.


Photo Credit: J. Schein

Every Child is a Scientist

Every child is a scientist.  Their curiosity and thirst for knowledge - especially about the natural world - is insatiable. But there's one subject they love above all others: dinosaurs! Dinosaurs and paleontology are a perfect way to nurture and develop a child's instinctual love of learning because they are natural gateways to so many other sciences: biology and geology of course, but also physics, chemistry, engineering, computer science, mathematics, and more.

Our educators have created a diverse slate of engaging, hands-on programs and partnerships designed to inspiring our youngest scientists. This - above all others - is our highest priority and greatest responsibility.  

Field Station: Dinosaurs

The Bighorn Basin Paleontological Institute has partnered with Field Station: Dinosaurs to create the most fun and exciting dinosaur and paleontology programming anywhere!  Through games, songs, and special events, you'll never have so much fun learning about - and being surrounded by - life-size dinosaurs!   

Boys and Girls Club of Montana

The BBPI partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Carbon County (Montana) to create an exciting, hands-on summer camp programs in summer 2017. Thanks to the financial support of several foundations and supporters like you, the program returned in 2018 and 2019, expanding to similar summer programs in Belfry, Bridger, and Billings, Montana, as well as Cody, Wyoming. In our Dinosaur Treasures In Our Backyard program, kids learn all about dinosaurs and paleontology, and how groundbreaking discoveries in their neck of the woods has revolutionized the science! We’re bringing geoheritage to these exceptional communities!

Programming for your Organization

Photo Credit: S. Schein

Whether you're a school, youth group, summer camp, or any other organization, we can partner with you to create and develop children's programming that is both captivating and educational, about a range of natural history and Earth science topics. We even have fossil-hunting opportunities for families! Contact us today for details!